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Many people are intimidated when looking at large dildos They cannot understand how they fit and more importantly what would be enjoyable about it but you may be surprised by how much pleasure a huge dildo can bring. Firm dildos made from materials like glass and stainless steel are particularly good for G-spot play. Suction Cup Dildos - There are some large dildos that have a suction cup attached to the base. Suction cup dildos, for example, can attach to the floor or wall so you can try a new position.

Obviously when starting out it's always better to start on the smaller side and slowly purchase larger giant sex toys as you grow to desire more of a stretch. Although women don't have a prostate like men, the anal tract is still full of sensitive nerve endings dildo that feel great when you slide a dildo past them.

Keep your big dildos (and any sex toy!) clean. If you're ready for the challenge, read through our guide here before trying one of our huge dildos and prep yourself for even more mind-blowing sexperiences. Alternately, nothing of the sort at all might happen, as your hymen may be thin and elastic enough to simply stretch around dildos of any size.

Something I'll always mention, and it's especially true when it comes to using a larger than usual dildo, is to use plenty of good quality lubricant to help ease it in, and make your entire play time more pleasurable. It's a 9” in total dildo with realistic veins and nubs at the base to tickle your clit.

Here are 6 types of dildos you should avoid buying if you want to have a safe and healthy sex life. Huge dildos, also referred to as giant dildos or giant dongs, are extra-long and thick sex toys for vaginal or anal penetration. Make to always use plenty of water-based lube , it's really important to keep yourself and your dildo lubricated.

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